The Future Of Golf?

TGL presented by SoFi is introducing a new era in golf with innovative elements inspired by other team sports. The game will feature 3 vs. 3 team golf played over 15 holes, broadcasted live in prime time from SoFi Center. We’re excited to share more about our modern match play format, which includes a shot clock, timeouts, and a referee.

The shot clock will add an exciting dimension to the game. Each player will have 40 seconds to hit their shot. If they exceed this time limit, their team will receive a shot clock violation and a one-stroke penalty. The referee, in coordination with a booth official, will be responsible for starting, managing, and enforcing the shot clock inside SoFi Center. The shot clock will be stopped and reset in various situations, such as when a player completes their turn, incurs a shot clock violation, calls a timeout, incurs a Rules of Golf penalty, or when the referee or booth official determines a special circumstance requires a reset.

Timeouts will also be available to each team. Four timeouts can be used in a match, but only two timeouts can be used per session. The timeouts cannot be carried over from the Triples session (holes 1-9) to the Singles session (holes 10-15). Any team member can call a timeout by signaling or verbally calling it out to the referee. Timeouts can be called before the shot clock expires, giving teams a strategic opportunity to disrupt their opponents’ concentration. However, a team cannot call back-to-back timeouts during the same shot.

To ensure fair play and adherence to the rules, a referee will be present, similar to other team sports like football and basketball. The referee will oversee TGL’s rules, as well as the unique situations that may arise within the league’s format, technology, and venue. Additionally, a booth official, who is an expert in the rules of golf, will monitor the action to ensure accuracy and fairness.

Overall, TGL’s incorporation of a shot clock, timeouts, and a referee aims to enhance the competitive and spectator experience by infusing elements from other team sports into the game of golf.

Tim Mcalvanah

PGA of America